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State of mind

A low state of mind can be toxic in teams. High sickness rates, a blame culture, a lack of confidence, hiding behind rules and regulations, need-to-know style communication, looking for other people's mistakes: These are common, and reliable symptoms. 

In this lively workshop your team will uncover what it is really in the way of them working together. How to read signposts and symptoms and start co-creating rather than chasing problems.

Engaging minds and hearts 

In this workshop we'll explore brand engagement in a different way. You might wonder why, but I was a branding consultant for more than 15 years and this topic has always been very dear to my heart. How do I get my teams behind my brand? Is there something beyond guidelines, compliance and reward systems? How can people express themselves in all their colour and beauty and still be true to your brand? 

Brand engagement is about alignment and in order to align we need to understand what we are aligning with. It's a co-creative process that might give your brand the authentic flavour it so far lacked. This workshop is a deep-dive into what your brand is all about and how this is brought to life on all touch points.

Innate health education and resilience training in schools

iheart is a powerful, fun and interactive curriculum for 9 - 18 year olds to combat the mental health crises amongst our youth. 

In this 11 week programme I help children to develop a new relationship with their own minds and give them an instruction manual of why we think, feel and behave the way we do. 

Young people learn that our experience of life is based on a natural system that works the same way for everyone, even though the content and expression of that is so different for us all. The underlying premise is that wellbeing is always available to them. It cannot be damaged or broken, no matter what children have gone through. Learning about this resource is game changing. This allows young people to step out of victimhood and take on life with all its challenges. 

Young people love the programme. It doesn't tell them what to do but it shows them something about themselves that they may not have dared to look for.

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