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Welcome to on mind

Let's make the invisible visible!


My name is Maren. I'm a transformative coach and certified iheart facilitator. 

I'm working with children as young as nine, families and adults of all walks of life to help them find resilience, inspiration and drive in whatever circumstance they are in.

I can help you by:

  1. Pointing you back home to a clear, calm and available mind, which naturally comes with bandwidth, creativity, inspiration and drive.

  2. Uncovering with you what gets in the way of us hanging out in this fertile space more of the time.

  3. Showing you how to access your built-in guidance system or innate compass that will help you navigate life from a steady place.


Are you curious what on mind could do for you?


People often find me when they feel stressed, burdened by life, challenged by people, stretched in different directions, lost in translation, tired of striving, or stuck in a loop of unwanted habits.

This can be your 9 year old child as well as you and I.


Life can feel tough. 


on mind helps you uncover two major truths about yourself:


  • A calm and available mind is who you are before you get lost in the excess of unnecessary thinking, you do all day (it's your starting point you can always return to)


  • The symptoms you feel, the uncomfortable feelings you'd rather not have, are part of an amazing guidance system that is in place so that you can catch yourself going down the next rabbit hole (there is a built-in compass you can activate to navigate life)

Mental health and stability is not about feeling great all the time.


It's knowing that you can navigate life from a steady place, no matter what's coming your way.


This is as vital to learn for your 9 year old as it is for you and I at any age.


on mind helps you see something that was simply invisible to you so far: The beginning of something great.

  • Transformative coach / 3 principle facilitator / educator

  • iheart facilitator with years of teaching this understanding in London schools

  • A strong corporate background as branding consultant, creative service provider and training facilitator 

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