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Online Programmes

iheart small group tutoring online

Teaching iheart in a small group setting is a fantastic way of making this vital learning available, privately, to more children. This online course is very flexible and adaptable to individual questions and needs but also provides the peer support and exchange that is so important when children learn about their special problems that all of the sudden seem a lot more normal and manageable to them.   

I cannot state enough of how big the difference is between a child that feels secure inside, to a child that believes their fate lies outside of them. If there is one thing I'm most grateful for in my life, is that my own kids grew up with this understanding. 

If your child is struggling with fitting in, bullying, getting distracted, being anxious, going to school, making friends, finding focus or getting over hurt, speak to me.

I often get access to funding or find a workable solution for you.

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