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One to ones

Transformative Coaching–
real change only ever comes from inside

One to one coaching is a powerful way to uncover what is possible beyond your discomfort and to see what you can't yet see. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and stressed, stuck in a bind, unmotivated and flat, or anxious and restless. Maybe you find decisions hard to make and feel uncertain about the next move. Or maybe you feel even hopeless about something that seems out of your control. 

The place to find answers and solutions is always the same. You can't see it now, but you will after this.

Book a free consultation with me to find out if there is something I can help you with.

iheart - an instruction manual for resilience in young people

iheart is an innovative and interactive programme of 11 weekly sessions that gives children and young people (9–18) an instruction manual of how our minds work. The basic premise is that we all have innate wellbeing even when we can't see it. Knowing what covers up our wellbeing and how to come back to this vital stronghold, is very powerful for young people. As no-one experiences their wellbeing 24/7, it is game changing to recognise that it is still with them, when it seems to be gone. 

Children love iheart because it helps them make sense of their own world, their worries and challenges. iheart children are less attached to diagnosis and labels, feel less afraid of uncomfortable feelings and more in control of their choices in life.

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