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Kingsdale parents, join in!

I’m one of five other parents on the Kingsdale Parent's Mental Health Forum. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of this. It was a footnote on a newsletter with a contact email address that doesn't work. 

So far, we have met once with the school to sit through a classic Kingsdale presentation highlighting all the things they have in place to manage what turns out to be a major crisis. Any attempts I made to get in touch for a way forward sadly just vanished into the big void of school busy-ness. 


I would love to change that. I know that the school is interested in wellbeing. The apparent lack of it has major implications on their results. They want the same as us, thriving children. They just don't know where to start. I believe we, as parents and carers, have a massive role in supporting our children's mental wellbeing in a way the school can't and won't. 

I would love to help creating a parent community at Kingsdale that not only brings out the best in our children but also gets the school to think and act beyond ‘reward and punishment’. 

This  could take many forms. It could just be a Facebook group, or a more formal parent representation working with the school. It could be  a platform to connect with other parents, or a place to learn new things about our children's and our own wellbeing, it could be your filter for things you wouldn’t flag to school but feel worried about or struggle with. 

As passionate, as I am about bringing this to life, I can not do this on my own. Please help me make a start!

I would love to speak to parents from all year groups, to see if this makes sense to you. Please forward the link. I cleared my diary for this  week to offer individual 20 mins slots to everyone who is interested in taking part, listening in, wanting to know more, sharing ideas, getting support or looking for more contact with the school on this matter.


It would be so helpful to understand where you see the potential or how you would like to be supported by or could see yourself supporting a network like this. Please book your slot here: You can also email or text me with your ideas and comments.


I would love our kids to talk about the things that matter to them, like peer and  performance pressure, gender identity, or identity in general, friendships and relationships, parent expectations and trust, worries about money, the future and our planet but also about the ways they cope with all this from habits, addictions and obsessions, anger and bullying, to panic, anxiety, withdrawal and fatigue. I would love them to learn about these things from a premise of health, not crisis. I want my kids to grow into adults who know they have everything they need to deal with life.

How cool would that be? 

I am a certified innate wellbeing and resilience coach with a lot of experience working with young people and families. I do not provide therapy or a shortcut to medical help. What I can offer though is a fresh look at mental health rather than mental illness and the power that lies in every single child when we speak to their health and wellbeing rather than their problems. Crisis mode is no productive state to be in. It is very limiting and keeps us stuck. There is no hope in it. Let's get our kids out of the mindset that they need fixing.  But there is so much to discover and learn about our minds that can help us and our kids to navigate life with much more ease.


Are you up for the ride? 

  • Transformative coach / iheart facilitator / educator

  • Business communicator and branding specialist.

  • 15+ years of corporate experience, as client as well as creative service provider

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